DotA2 Swiss Championship and IeSF Qualifier

Coming this June is the first Swiss Championship in DotA2, organized by the ambitious Swiss DC (Swiss DotA Community). The championship not only decides which team may call itself the "first Swiss Champion in DotA2", but also who may represent Switzerland the this year's World Championship of the Read More

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2015 Swiss Nationals: Counter-Strike **update #2

Thanks to the great effort of the organizers of Erenya, we have accomplished to introduce a Swiss Championship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , the “2014 Swiss Nationals”. At Erenya LAN #9 in December 2014, the team Red Instinct successfully conquered the trophy and was celebrated by the overwhelming applaus of the audience.

After Erenya organized the Swiss Nationals 2014 on short notice, they are now working [ ... ]

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IeSF 2015 World Championship in Poland

According to first information given out by the International E-Sports Federation (IeSF;, this year's world championship will be held in the Polish city of Lodz. Additional details have been announcend concerning the first couple of titles which have been voted on by the national member-federations and confirmed by the developers for the IeSF 2015 World Championship.

The team games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA2), both of which are [ ... ]

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Updates from Baku on Facebook and Twitter

To stay on top of what is currently happening at the IeSF 2014 World Championship in Baku, and how our players Sabrina, Michael and Waldo are doing, follow the updates on our Facebook page or our Twitter account.

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Today's The Day!

Today's the day! Our two Tekken players Sabrina Allemann from Bassersdorf, and Michael Popa from Zurich, and our Hearthstone player Waldo Agudelo from Lausanne, leave for their Trip. Their destination: The 2014 World Championship of the International E-Sports Federation in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In the early afternoon they first take off from Zurich and Geneva, aiming for Moscow. After a few hours of relay in Russia, their journey finally continues to Baku, where they'll find themselfs in their comfy hotel-rooms in the early morning [ ... ]

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