Qualify For Azerbaijan!

At the International e-Sports Federation’s 2014 World Championship in November in Baku, Azerbaijan, players will compete in DotA2, StarCraft II, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Ultra Street Fighter IV and Hearthstone, for the IeSF’s World Champion title. As every year, the Swiss E-Sports Federation sends a delegation of players and officials. For 2014, the SESF decided to send the best male and the best female Tekken player, as well as the best Hearthstone player to the Championship in Azerbaijan. To determine who are the best, qualification [ ... ]

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First Swiss E-Sports Symposium

Am Sonntag dem 11. Mai traf sich im Best Western Hotelbern, das Who-is-Who der Schweizerischen E-Sports Szene, zum ersten Swiss E-Sports Symposium. Ins Leben gerufen wurde das Symposium vom Vorstand des Schweizerischen E-Sports Verbandes, mit dem Ziel, dem Schweizer E-Sports eine Plattform zu bieten, auf welcher sich Organisationen präsentieren, austauschen und vernetzen können. Insbesondere für den Austausch zwischen der Deutschschweiz und der Romandie gab es nie zuvor einen vergleichbaren Anlass.

Einige Organisationen [ ... ]

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IeSF 2014 World Championship most likely in Baku, Azerbaidjan

According to the progress report and outlook sent to the representatives of the IeSF's member national associations today, the plan of hosting a European Championship instead of an World Championship in 2014 was overthrown.

Instead, the International e-Sports Federation will continue with hosting World Championships. Currently, the most proper candidate to host the IeSF 2014 World Championship, is Baku (Azerbaidjan). Which may seem a very random choice, [ ... ]

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The Swiss E-Sports Scene on Reddit

Reddit, the frontpage of the internet. No other place on the internet spreads the latest news quicker than this one - for every topic you can imagine. For a long time, Reddit has been a popular meeting place for the international e-Sports communities. in so-called "subreddits", the fans, players, developers and e-sports-celebrities equally exchange their thoughts on whats happenin lately. For long time the Swiss E-Sports community was lacking such a page - but now we have one. The subreddit exclusively for the Swiss E-Sports community: 

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That Was 2013 IeSF World Championship

Last weekend it was time for this years' world championship by the International eSports Federation - the 2013 IeSF World Championship. Participants from around the globe competed in the disciplines "League of Legends" (male, 5v5) and "Alliance of Valiant Arms" (male, 5v5), respectively "StarCraft II" (female, 1v1) and "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" (female, 1v1) for IeSF's World Championship title. Switzerland was  competing as well, with a team in League [ ... ]

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